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The objective of the Tulsa Police Explorers Post is to provide an in-depth, first-hand experience into all of the different fields of law enforcement. The Tulsa Police work to create knowledgeable young citizens and help mold future community leaders.

All Explorer training is in accordance with the guidelines of the Exploring Division of the Learning for Life Organization (Boy Scouts of America) and Tulsa Police Department regulations.

This program is intended for young adults ages 15 (14 if completed 8th grade) to 18 who have expressed an interest in law enforcement.


Operations, Competitions, Ride-A-Longs

Operations:  Tulsa Police Explorers assist with traffic at parades, special events, and large operations.  The Explorers canvas neighborhoods, conduct youth training projects, and create or assist with community projects.  Occasionally, an event can be used as a fundraiser for the Post and the individual Explorer.

Competitions: Exploring is a nation-wide organization.  Explorer posts gather from this Region and Nationwide to engage in competitions.  Explorers train in law enforcement skills and then display those skills in scenarios judged by local, state, or federal police or law enforcement experts.

Ride-A-Longs:  The general public is welcome to ride with a police officer once per year if they are over 18 years of age.  Explorers who are in good standing, and have properly prepared for this privilege, are allowed to ride with officers up to once per month.


Any person between the ages of 15 (14 if completed 8th grade) and 18, who has no prior arrests, no negative police contact, and is in good health, may apply for membership to the Tulsa Police Explorer Post.  The annual cost for membership is $26.00. The explorer members are required to purchase their own uniform, which can cost approximately $150.00. The explorer is also required to pay a dollar per meeting for dues. 

At regular scheduled Post meetings, Police Explorers have the opportunity to learn first hand, through and academic, recreational and social programs, many areas of law enforcement. With a hands-on approach, young adults are given the opportunity to work along side police officers and learn important facts about police work that would assist them in making a decision about a career in law enforcement.  


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